About DEZ

Our approach towards managing bilateral relations between clients and the EU

  • We identify relevant EU bodies and authorities appropriate to our clients’ needs and advice on strategic approaches in successfully managing bilateral relations with such EU bodies.
  • We assist clients in establishing diverse contacts with relevant cooperation and policy- officers in various EU institutions. As a result, we effectively support our clients in presenting their projects within the decision-making processes of the EU.
  • We formulate instructions and guidance for our clients and monitor EU legislative and non-legislative policies and actions relevant to our target sectors and advise our clients on the required regulatory strategies to follow.
  • We ensure that the required input from clients is prepared on time, and we follow up for their participation in regular EU workshops and seminars.

Our Clients

Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development
Water and HealthWater and Health
Road Transport and Infrastructure developmentRoad Transport and Infrastructure development
Education and TrainingEducation and Training